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Secret Garden

Hard to believe I’ve been in Chicago for 20 years now and have just discovered this secret garden. While driving here for a photo shoot, I expressed a wish for some good fog and within a serious minute, we had it! The fog appeared seemingly out of nowhere. The garden is tucked behind the Science Museum on an island. Wooded Island.

That day, I was lucky to have Miss Erin Drewitz with me, an uber talented photographer, who snapped some awesome pics. Before the official photo session began, we spoke to the grounds keeper at length about the history. We learned it’s been around since 1893, served as inspiration to several architects, mainly Frank Lloyd Wright and has undergone several transformations. Before the grounds keeper drifted off, he whispered to me, “please keep this a secret.” And we will. Keep it a secret. Just with a few more people. It’s too beautiful to hide forever.

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  • Kim - That fog is crazy!! Love this.

  • Renee - Yes! The fog was crazy awesome. I couldn’t believe how lucky we were, when it suddenly appeared. Added a mistiness to the morning shoot. Perfect.

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