Newborn Investment

The Newborn Session Details

The Newborn Session is a very special intimate photo shoot with 2-3 hours set aside to assure you and your family have a comfortable stress free experience with your new little peanut. 

I'll be there to capture your baby in all their newness, your new connection together and guide you gently with natural ways to document your family.

The best time to photograph a newborn is within the first two weeks. If interested in booking a session, please contact the studio and we'll mark your expected due date as a reminder around the time your shoot will be booked. 

The Investment

All inclusive Newborn Session $675 w/30 file package


A La Carte Session: $375 w/files avaialble to purchase separate

• 2-3 photo shoot in your home or West Loop studio

•. All inclusive: Includes 30 hi-res files / additional files available to purchase separately (please inquire for pricing)

• A la carte session: Hi-Res files available to purchase separately / 20 file pkg begins at $275

• Includes photography of newborn and immediate family (mom, dad, and siblings)

• Professional image processing

• Online viewing/ordering gallery with 50-80 images

*Travel fee is applied for outside of Chicago, please email for quote.

The Newborn FAQ’s

What can we expect during our Newborn session?

A very patient gentle approach. No need to hurry or rush things along. All on baby’s schedule. 

When should I reach out to book my Newborn session, given I don’t know exactly when the baby will be here?

The best time to take photos of your baby is within the first two weeks. I usually start the booking process before your baby arrives, meaning a soft date is set around the delivery time. Once your baby arrives, my studio is put on the contact list to secure the best date coming up.

When do you book Newborn Sessions?

Since my weekends book up early and I set aside a half day for your session, which means I try to book your Newborn Session on a weekday, but do make exceptions if this isn’t doable for your family.

What can we expect at your studio?

The studio is setup as a very cozy inviting space to welcome a family with a new baby and call home for the day.

Who is included in a newborn session?

Your newborn is the start but I always include parents, if they want to be in the photos. Equally important are any siblings in your family. Depending on their age, there are many comfortable ways in which to include all children of any age in a shot wth your newborn.

What’s in my bag?

Everything I bring (or have in-studio) will enhance the experience and allow a peaceful happy enjoyable photoshoot for you and baby.

• Blankets. Lots of blankets • Extra-large bean bag • Heating pad • Space heater

• White noise maker • Waterproof matt • Stand with reflector • And camera bag!

Do you shoot with a backdrop?

Nope, no backdrop in the bag. Just the list above and whatever I can find in your home (if applicable) that will enhance the photos. For all my photography, I try to use only natural available light however I am always prepared with a flash in the bag in case your home has zero natural light or if it’s just a dark cloudy day. If the shoot is in the studio, again no backdrop. Same list as above and the experience is just as comfortable and enjoyable.

How long does the session last?

It is more than normal that I will be with you for at least 3 hours. I plan for this and do not expect to leave much sooner. So, there’s no need to rush anything or feel that things have to go perfectly right away. It’s a slow process usually and this is expected.

What do you recommend for clothing?

• For your newborn, less is more. The more we can see your baby the better. I always recommend a very simple onesie or just a diaper. If we’re doing family photos, clothes or no clothes for the baby is more than okay. 

•If mom & dad want to be included in the photos, I usually recommend a solid color as opposed to a patterend top. Small babies can get lost in a pattern. White, black, grey, blue- whatever your style typically is, the color is not that important. Some colors work better than others but overall it’s what you’re comfortable in. 

What about accessories?

Newborn hats and special blankets are great to add to any shoot.

What happens after the session?

Your private online gallery will be ready two weeks after your scheduled photo session. An email will be sent to you once your gallery is ready to view along with a password and gallery instructions. The online gallery will include between 50-85 color images and will be available for three weeks to view, share, and make your final selections.


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