Mini Photo Investment

The Mini Photo Session Details

Mini Sessions are the ideal session for a family looking for a simpler approach to capture lasting memories while their family grows. Great for babies celebrating their first milestones: sitting up, turning one, or just taking first steps.

With every photo session, I aim to capture all the naturalness of your family and your little ones. My approach is very relaxed and comfortable, allowing all everyone in your family to feel at ease during the session.

Before your first session, we’ll set up a time to schedule a short phone call to talk about the details of the session, answer any questions you might have.

The Investment

The 30 Minute Mini Session


$250 weekday / $300 weekend

• 30 minute photo session in studio only (or outsid the studio or Skinner Park)

• Includes 10 hi-res files of your choice

• Recommended limit of 3-4 people only 

• Professional image processing

• Online viewing/ordering gallery with 20-30 images

• Option to purchase all final images in your gallery for an additional $150

Mini Session FAQ’s

What can we expect during our Mini session?

With all sessions, including a Mini Session, you can expect a patient, playful, lighthearted approach to your shoot. My goal is to provide the most relaxed, comfortable fun experience possible.  Even though our time will be shorter than a regular Family Photo Session, my goal is still to capture your family in their natural state, interacting with each other and grab those tiny and big moments of connection. I’ll be there to guide as much or as little as needed. 

We only want photos of our kids, is that okay?

Definitely okay! I love photographing the entire family but I’m more than okay just focusing on your littles.

Which Mini session should I book?

This probably depends a lot on the reason for the shoot and also too, if your child is immediately comfortable in new spaces. Often times I get some of the best photos in the first 15 minutes, but having extra time can definitely help with more flexibility and less of a rush feeling. So, I flip flop on this answer as I default to parents know their children best and likely you inherently know the best amount of time. But feel free to reach out if you would like to talk it through.

 I understand you’re a lifestyle photographer, what does that mean?

Lifestyle photography aims at capturing the real, less staged type photos. My strength is in the candid and capturing real moments and connections with your family.  That said, I’ll help you along the way with subtle (or direct depending on your preference) suggestions what “to do” to achieve the best lifestyle photos, because sometimes even a candid shot takes some work. And if you want, I’ll still snap those posed for you too! A good balance of both.

What about clothes?

• Choosing “the” outfit for a photo session can sometimes seem daunting. Start with your style as the guiding point as your family will feel most comfortable in clothing that makes sense to them and from there select clothes that compliment each other.

• I’m more than okay with mixing it up, in that no need to match and okay to wear different colors, patterns, prints, etc..and keeping an eye for anything clashing.

• My studio is neutral color-wise, which means any color photographs well here. 

• With either Mini session, I usually recommend one outfit for the shoot. 

Can we bring accessories?

Accessories are great to incorporate! Here are some ideas for great ad-ons: knit hats, favorite blankets, mittens, capes, beaded necklaces, or anything else your child has that would enhance an image.

Should I bring a prop?

It’s always more than okay to bring something to a photo session to enhance it. Or if it’s a type of prop to use in case we need a little extra help with something familiar, like a toy, stuffed animal, etc. For the latter, if it’s not something that has sentimental value and not an important element to the shoot, I always recommend keeping it in the bag until we absolutely need it. If introduced immediately, this can sometimes make it difficult to engage with your child in a natural way, because their attention is on their “thing”.

What happens after the session?

We collect all photos shot (there are many) and narrow down to the best of the best. With that said, we let a few (or a lot of ) extras sneak in that are fun and worth seeing and maybe having. These final photos are fine tuned and available to view in a private online gallery for three weeks. Once your gallery is ready, an email will be sent with information to login. This gallery is accessible only with a provided password.

Where does the Mini Session take place?

In the studio or just outside our front door! The studio is located in the heart of the West Loop neighborhood in Chicago and is a bright, naturally lit space, comfortable and cozy for children to feel as if they’ve walked into someone’s home. We have child size furniture, blankets, a red rocking mouse and a “secret” cushy beanbag brought out at the end of a session.  Crisp white walls, floor to ceiling draped curtains, and clean decor abound.

Do you ever photograph with studio lights?

We do! While the studio is decked out with southwest facing windows giving us a lot of light most days, if it’s a grey rainy day, that means the studio is likely grey as well. That’s when we bring out the lights. As lighting is EVERYTHING when it comes to photography. If you’d rather wait for a day in which we can keep it 100% natural, let us know and we’ll work with you on finding a new date.

Can we reschedule?

Many things can happen on short notice without warning. It’s life and I get it. Please remember if your child is feeling ill, it’s 100% best to reschedule. For anything else that comes up, as long as I am available, I’m more than flexible when it comes to busy schedules that change abruptly. If it rains, and your shoot is scheduled for outdoors, it’s definitely okay to reschedule if you were hoping to have all photos taken outside. However, the session can also be inside our studio as well, which is always a viable option.

Mini Photo Session