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LA for Kim

Today’s post is a little detour from the usual. So, my assistant and close friend, Kim left me this past week, smartly for the west coast. She was given one assignment, to send me at least one photo a day. I skipped my trip to the Caribbean this year and am now thinking it’s not too late.


This one taken above, randomly has nothing really to do with California, but is still perfect. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but rather have a liking for Dave Chang. And this book just happened to be on a table where she was staying…

If there is a topic I can go on and on about, it is undoubtedly food. It’s always been a “thing” for me. And Kim, who could care less how I cooked my fish last night, the noodle recipe I created, or my “gourmet” sandwich for lunch, still obligingly listens daily with slightly furrowed eyebrows. Asian food ranks top of my favorites, specifically Vietnamese. The above pic (Vietnamese Pho) sent just after lunch time. Uh, thanks?

All pics were taken by Kim and Kalli! More can be seen at Kim’s blog- Yellow Brick Home.


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