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5 Great Instagrams to Follow

Social media has me all hooked. It’s sloooow season here and while I really am working, I find myself on the instagram probably too frequently. Here are just a few Instagrams I love to peruse:


  • Lila Skye Kalis is a toddler that can drive a car possibly better than me…or at least park better. She’s mesmerizing to watch. Must press play to see her in action!

Tree'd him plus weight advantage. Check the doubles. ????????

A video posted by Lila Skye Kalis (@lila_kalis) on


  • Samantha Lee is a food artist from Malaysia. In an effort to encourage her daughter to eat more adventurously she started this. And it evolved. And I love it.

Mom-Daughter relationship! lol #leesamantha #rapunzel #mothergothel

A photo posted by Samantha Lee (@leesamantha) on


Pumpkin the Raccoon First, it’s a raccoon named pumpkin. It lives in a home. With a dog…that it seems to love. And acts like a human. So much goodness here.


Hilaria Thomas Baldwin Yep, she’s sort of celebrity status. Which might not seem cool to like. But I do. She’s a yogi, mom, super giving, real, funny and writing a cookbook. All of which I enjoy.

They melt my heart ??

A video posted by Hilaria Thomas Baldwin (@hilariabaldwin) on


Camp the Pigeon Similar idea with the raccoon I guess. Any questions about this little pigeon living in a home, check out this great interview about Camp and their family. It’s worth a listen. Short and sweet.


Baby Sideburns Off the rails funny lady. Inspired by just about everything, particularly her kids. Every post, she nails it. Want to know a little more about her…my interview with her here.

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