Mother’s Day Mini Mini Photo Sessions

Hey all, we have a celebration happening in May! It’s a Mother’s Day Mini Photo Special! We’ve set aside three separate days for a perfect mini mini shoot; it’s a no-stress, care-free, easy breezy snap a few photos and enjoy the day kind of day.

On hand, we’ll have snacks to nibble on, mimosas to gulp and Nespresso coffee to sip. We’re keeping it chill and easy for Mom and family. Everyone is encouraged to arrive early, get comfortable, put your feet up, primp, chat, mingle, basically have a good time. When your time is up, we’ll bring you in to our large airy loft room, warm up a bit with some yoga (kidding, maybe) and snap away. Before you know it, the 15 minutes of photography devoted to just you and your wants, needs, whims (all of it), will be done and you can join whatever fun is happening behind the curtain.

And now for a couple important notes on the mini mini photo session:

  • You might wonder, is 15 minutes enough time to get all photo configurations of my 2 daughters, my son, mom, dad, grandpa, the dog, cat, and etc. And our answer is “hmmmm…” First we love your enthusiasm! But let’s get real, this is more ideal only if Mom wants a few with the family and a few solo shots of the kids. The extra bonus shots would be: siblings together, and multiple configurations. If we can fit it ALL in, we definitely will!
  • Another wonder you might have…how are you going to capture it all in 15 minutes while managing all the fun happening outside the shooting room? Indeed, how? There will be two of us! Yay! I’ll have a second helper on hand, just as friendly, talented and full of energy as me. We got you covered…in all ways.
  • After booking your shoot, we’ll schedule a super quickie phone call to chat about clothes and other fun stuff.

We kept the notes part short like the minis, so if you’re still not sure if this is for you, or you want to know what kind of snacks we’ll be serving, call us anytime with all your questions: 312.929.4891 or email:

Mother’s Day Photo Mini Sessions

15 minutes @ $125.00

A quick photo shoot with mom and your family. Focus is mom. We’re celebrating her and giving her all the love. 

* Location: 159 N Racine Ave #3W

*15 minutes of photography

* 5 hi-res files of your choice.

* Option to purchase all files for additional $99

How to proceed:

*Double click the Book Now button

*Select your time slot, enter info, and you’re all set!

Please feel free to contact the studio at anytime with any questions. or 312.929.4891